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Botswana Capital Gains Tax Calculator

The Botswana Capital Gains Tax Calculator is designed to allow free online calculations of capital gains tax in Botswana for individuals, resident companies and non-resident companiess who have capital gains to declare in 2024. The calculator factors in the capital gains allowance and calculates the total tax due for capital gains in Botswana in 2024. Once you have calculated the tax due, you can print the document or email the tax document to yourself for later reference.

Botswana Immovable Property Transfer Duty Calculator
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Botswana Corporation Capital Gains Tax(CGT) Calculation
Capital Gains
x75%Taxable amount of Capital Gains in 2024

=Amount subject to Capital Gains tax in 2024
x75This is a good calculator for calculating calculating capital gains tax in Botswana. A free online calculator for capital gains tax that allows clear calculation of capital gains tax in Botswana based on the percentage of capital gains in 2024 that are subject to tax. Very useful for calculating how much tax you need to pay when selling assets that attract capital gains in Botswana.

=Corporation Capital Gains Tax due in 2024
Botswana Individual Capital Gains Tax(CGT) Calculation
Capital Gains
x75%Taxable amount of Capital Gains in 2024

=Amount subject to Capital Gains tax in 2024

Amount subject to Capital Gains then applied against the Capital Gains Tax Slabs for Individuals:

Tax BracketTax RateAmount due with Bracket

=Individuals Capital Gains Tax due in 2024

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Botswana Capital Gains Tax formula

The tax law and supporting formulas used for calculating capital gains tax in Botswana is different for individuals and companies (corporations). Lets consider the approach to capital gains tax for both of these tax scenarios:

Individual Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains tax in Botswana is calculated using progressive tax tables for individuals in Botswana, these are similar to the tax slabs used for calculating income tax. Personal capital gains are taxed at specific rates based on the amount that falls within a specific threshold. The Capital gains tax rates and thresholds for individuals is displayed in the table below.

Botswana Capital Gains Tax Tables in : Individual Tax Rates and Thresholds (Annual)
Tax RateTaxable Income Threshold
0%Income from P 0.000.00to P 18,000.00
5%Income from P 18,000.01 to P 72,000.00
12.5%Income from P 72,000.01 to P 108,000.00
18.75%Income from P 108,000.01 to P 144,000.00
25%Income from P 144,000.01 and above

Company Capital Gains Tax

Note that a company, corporation and business all refer to "company" in the references here concerning capital gains tax calculations. Capital gains tax for companies in Botswana (aka Botswana Corporation Capital Gains Tax) is calculated based on a percentage of the gains made and the residency status of the company liable for capitals gains tax. You can calculate corporation capital gains tax in Botswana using the following tax formula:

CGT = (a - (a x (b / 100) ) x (c / 100)


  • CGT = Capital Gains Tax.
  • a = The capital gains subject to tax in Botswana.
  • b = The percentage of capital gains made that is liable for capital gain tax in Botswana.
  • c = The relevent rate of capital gains tax in Botswana associated with the company residency status

The table below specifies the relevent capital gains rates applicable in Botswana, these were last updated in line with the published corporation capital gains rates in 2024.

Botswana Corporation Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Rates
CGT RateCGT Description
22%Resident company
30%Non-resident company

How to use the Botswana CGT Calculator

You can view the calculator inline or full screen. The inline view displays the calculator surrounded by the normal menus and links to other tools and supporting information. The full screen view removes or the unnecessary information so you can focus solely on using the Botswana CGT Calculator. The following step-by-step guides to calculating capital gains tax online with the Botswana CGT Calculator covers all the functions within the CGT calculator:

  1. Select "Normal View" or "Full Screen View".
  2. Select "Individual Capital Gains" for individual computations or "Company Capital Gains" if you want to calculate capitals gains as a company, business or corporation.
  3. Enter the Capital Gains for the period.
  4. [If a Company] Select your company residency status.
  5. Press "Calculate Capital Gains Tax".

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